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IPS e.max Cementation and Care
Manifold cementation possibilities IPS e.max restorations permit flexibility of cementation, since the crowns and bridges can be cemented adhesively, self-adhesively or conventionally. Inlays, onlays and veneers are adhesively cemented as usual. Depending on the indications, you may choose from the comprehensive range of Ivoclar Vivadent cementation materials:

Variolink II / Variolink Veneer
The dual-curing, highly esthetic luting composite Variolink II has provided excellent clinical results for more than 10 years. For the cementation of veneers, the light-curing Variolink Veneer is used, which permits a brightening or darkening of the ceramic restoration with its special shade concept.

Multilink Automix
The universal luting composite Multilink Automix offers a broad range of indications. It provides high bonding strength and an excellent durable bond. Together with the primer A/B, the dentin is sealed and good marginal adaptation is achieved.

The self-adhesive, dual-curing luting composite is even easier to use than a conventional cement. At the same time, it offers the additional advantages of a composite, such as higher bond strength and translucency, as well as lower water solubility.
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